Saturday, March 19, 2016

Finding Dish Cloth Patterns to Knit

I've been relearning how to knit and decided to purchase some cotton yarn to make dish cloths in the process. I want to use this post also as the means to help YOU find patterns as well since many I've been finding that I like are from websites that are no longer online. This will be one post of many on my knitting addiction, but it seems to help unstress me and I plan on using this during my work breaks to pass my time. Just search my blog by using 'knitting' to pull up pages or patterns I have found. Also check below for my projects page to see what I might be working on. :-)

It's okay to stalk me! Just share your favorite dishcloth patterns in the comments that you think I need to try. :-)

Knitting Dish Cloth Patterns from Group Epp - Archive DOT org is a handy website to use when you're looking for patterns

My Ravelry Projects I'm working on - Click here!

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